Jaspa's Journey



Perfect for Kids 9 to 90


At the heart of Jaspa’s Journey is the ongoing series of travel adventure novels starring me and my friends.


Fact vs. Fiction


Jaspa’s Journey is set in the real world, combining fact and fiction in a way reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. As a former environmental research scientist, Rich takes pride in ensuring an attention to detail in the books matching that of his academic works.


The Story So Far...


To date, I’ve struggled along with the annual wildebeest exodus on the Serengeti Plains where I was born, in The Great Migration. I’ve undertaken a quest to join a secret Ses society, in The Pride of London. I’ve geocached on the battlefield where Wellington defeated Napoleon, in Jaspa’s Waterloo. I've wandered the wilds of Alaska in search of a cure for a deadly disease, in The Hermit of Kennecott.

And my Journey is only just beginning! See for yourself...