Jaspa's Journey

Jaspa's Journey: The Great Migration


Follow the thrilling adventures of Jaspa as he joins the epic exodus of the Great Migration on Africa’s Serengeti Plain. Every year over two million animals are forced to embark on this desperate, real-life, danger-fraught, 500 mile struggle for survival.

This year Jaspa must join them in order to fulfil a rite-of-passage known as the Journey, a task made doubly daunting by the fact that Jaspa is a Giraffeses, a distant relative of the giraffe, who could comfortably sit in the palm of your hand. Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration is a story of adventure and danger, friendship and secrets, excitement and emotion, humour and, above all, discovery.

Winner: Independent Press Award (2018) - Juvenile Fiction Category

Finalist: Book Excellence Awards (2017) – Children's Educational Category

Finalist: USA Book News’ Best Books Awards (2009) – Children's Educational Category

“Jaspa’s Journey had our class wanting to read everyday and learn more about the Serengeti. We fell in love with Jaspa.” – Tyler, Grade 6/7 Teacher

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