Jaspa's Journey

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“The best series I’ve ever read! ” – Emma, aged 13

Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration

Winner - Independent Press Award (2018) - Juvenile Fiction Category

Finalist - Book Excellence Awards (2017) – Children's Educational Category

Finalist - USA Book News’ Best Books Awards (2009) – Children's Educational Category

Reader's Favorite Five Star Review

“Full of thrills and adventure. The storyline is unique and... fascinating and will keep young readers glued to it till the very end. A fun and insightful read.”  –  Mamta Madhavan (click for full review)

“A good read for all ages, both fun and educational.” – Kitchener Record

Jaspa’s Journey had our class wanting to read everyday and learn more about the Serengeti. We fell in love with Jaspa.” – Tyler, Grade 6/7 Teacher

“A fun and lively novel that teaches while it entertains. Full to the brim of facts about wildlife, flora and fauna, geography, and more, Meyrick has managed to pack an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge into a novel of appropriate length for younger readers. A fun, creative book that would do well in a classroom.” – Hylary, Library Lady Hylary Blog & Goodreads Review (click for full review)

“If you are looking for a book that is educational and adventurous at the same time, I definitely recommend it.” – Chauntelle, Storytime Books Blog & Goodreads Review (click for the full review)

“Full of adventure and fantasy, the book is just the hook to enrapture a young reader’s heart. Not since reading books like Harry Potter and The Golden Compass had I found a book that invigorates the hope that there is something magical out there.” – Tara, Goodreads Review (click for full review)

“Great educational book for kids. It's wonderful that the introduction to the continent of Africa was made so fun for kids because really there isn't as much focus as there should be on it.” – Cindy, Goodreads Review (click for full review)

“I didn't really want to put it down.” – Ojan, Goodreads Review (click for full review)

“This was a great book. It is very informative as well as being funny and entertaining. I would recommend this for anyone but especially preteens up to adults. I can't wait to read about Jaspa's adventures in London!” –  Laurie, Goodreads Review (click for full review)

“Great book! Loved this and all of the animal interactions.” –  Mouse, Chapters/Indigo Review (click for full review)

 “My daughter absolutely LOVED this book!!! A wonderful read for young and old! We are both looking forward to reading about all of Jaspa's future adventures!” –  T. Elliot, Amazon Review (click for full review)

“This is a fantastic first novel by Mr Meyrick and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” –  K. Leaning, Amazon Review (click for full review)

Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London

Finalist - 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards (2017) – Pre-Teen Fiction Category

Reader's Favorite Five Star Review

The Pride of London is a delightful adventure, wonderfully told with exciting characters. All the time as I read this story, I couldn’t help but think about it as a movie. I was won over by Rich Meyrick’s powerful prose that is punctuated with great dialogues. The Pride of London is a hilarious read that blends humor with the art of storytelling and extraordinary characters. I enjoyed every aspect of this tale.” –  Romuald Dzemo (click for full review)

“I really enjoyed reading The Pride of London. I found it absorbing to follow [Jaspa's] group through the adventures and riddles of his London quest. The writing is fresh... enriched with telling detail and a sense of atmosphere, that transports you to another city.” – Amy Black, Random House

“What a fantastic follow-up to one of my favourite books ever. I love the new characters, I just wish all of them could be in all the books. The descriptions of the sights and sounds of London are brilliant.” – Daisy, Goodreads review (click for full review)

“A very fun read. I recommend it! .” – Lisa, Goodreads review (click for full review)

“I believe that it is even better than the first book. This book is a great read not only for children but I am enjoying it quite a lot and I am a senior.” – Dr Robert, Amazon review

The Pride of London is a lot of fun. London is so vivid. I wish I was there again. There is also much to learn from this story about bravery and friendship. I loved it. Can't wait for the next journey!” – Carolyn, Smashwords review

The Great Migration is a wonderful 'coming of age' story that will appeal to all ages and The Pride of London is a great tour of a fantastic city. I am looking forward to more adventures... and touring our wonderful planet with Jaspa and Bisckits.” – Lori, Smashwords review

Jaspa’s Journey 3: Jaspa's Waterloo

Finalist - Book Excellence Awards (2018) – Pre-Teen Fiction Category

“Jaspa and friends are back in another exciting, intriguing, fun and fact-filled adventure. It’s a tribute to the skill of author Rich Meyrick that we instantly accept the guidance and wisdom of these tiny creatures... and find them as ‘real’ as their human companions. They’re like old friends... and leave us looking forward to a fourth Jaspa adventure.” – Robert Rayner, author of Colourland

“Jaspa... is an endearing hero. Jaspa’s Waterloo would be a great buy for any parent teaching their child to appreciate world history and culture.” - K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite Review

“Good fun and ... entertainingly informative.” Cameron, Goodreads Review.

Jaspa’s Journey 4: The Hermit of Kennecott

“When kids join Jaspa and friends on their journey through my neighbourhood of Kennecott and McCarthy, they’re in for more fun than a hike on a glacier! The story’s setting, accurately conveying local geography and history, is used so creatively to propel the narrative; it was like visiting my neighbourhood through the Ses’ eyes!”  – Neil Darish, star of Edge of Alaska and Kennecott/McCarthy resident

“The best series I’ve ever read! A great sequel to 3 other amazing books! I couldn't stop reading. I felt like I was there, Journeying with Jaspa and his friends.” – Emma, aged 13

“It’s great. Readers are sure to love it!" – Emerson, aged 11