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Jaspa's Journey 3:

Jaspa's Waterloo



At Waterloo in 1815, the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon once and for all. Now, on that same battlefield, Jaspa and his friends must face their own foes. They must hunt the entire battlefield for something called a geocache, to save Ben from a foolish bet he was tricked into making by the bully, Gobber. And all the while, they must defend themselves from the inexplicable, yet furious, attacks of a mystery Ses.

Will they be able to fend off the stranger’s assaults and find the cache in time? Or will Waterloo again be a place of defeat, as it was for Napoleon 200 years ago?



Book Excellence Awards Finalist (2018) – Preteen Fiction Category




“Jaspa and friends are back in another exciting, intriguing, fun and fact-filled adventure. It’s a tribute to the skill of author Rich Meyrick that we instantly accept the guidance and wisdom of these tiny creatures... and find them as ‘real’ as their human companions. They’re like old friends... and leave us looking forward to a fourth Jaspa adventure.” – Robert Rayner, author of Colourland

“Jaspa... is an endearing hero. Jaspa’s Waterloo would be a great buy for any parent teaching their child to appreciate world history and culture.” - K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite Review

“Good fun and ... entertainingly informative.” Cameron, Goodreads Review.




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