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Jaspa's Journey is a series of award-winning, globe-trotting adventure novels for strong middle grade readers by Rich Meyrick.

So far, Jaspa’s exploits have taken him and his friends across Africa's Serengeti Plains, all over the historic heart of London in England, around the infamous Waterloo battlefield in Belgium and, most recently, deep into the Alaskan wilderness.


And that's only the start! Rich already has a first draft of Book #5 and is busy working on Book #6, both of which take place in the unique and magnificent city of Venice, Italy.

So, come Join the Adventure and we'll explore this amazing World of ours together!


Now Available! Jaspa's Journey 4: The Hermit of Kennecott



Although 13 years in the making, Jaspa’s Journey #4 could not be more timely.

The Mammothses’ Curse has struck!

When one of their number comes down with a Ses variant of Spanish Flu, the last pandemic to require worldwide lockdowns, Jaspa and his friends find themselves battling the Alaskan wilderness. Braving the northern wilds, they must searching for a ghost town that may be home to an elusive Hermit who might hold the key to a cure.


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With the ongoing health crisis, Rich and Jaspa remain safe at home. Yet you can still travel the World with Jaspa, through his daily memories on Instagram and Facebook.



Rich is also spending a massive amount of (virtual) time in Venice, with the writing of Jaspa’s Journey #5 and #6 coming along nicely.