Jaspa's Journey

About the Journey

What Is The Great Migration?

The Serengeti is most famous for an incredible natural event that occurs there every year... the Great Migration. Each year when the rains fail, over two million wildebeest, antelope and zebra are forced to undertake a gruelling 500 mile circuit of the region, simply to find enough food and water to survive.

What Is The Journey?

My tribe, the Herd, has a rite-of-passage, marking the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. When we reach a certain age, we must set out with the Great Migration for one complete cycle. It’s an extremely demanding ordeal for a young Giraffeses. We call it the Journey.

Why Jaspa’s Journey?

The first novel in the series, The Great Migration, tells the story of how I left home to complete the Journey with my brother, Bisckits, and cousin, Portia. And how we met Gravee along the way. (Any other questions to do with the books are best answered by visiting the helpfully-named Books section of my website.)

Of course, my Journey has ended up being so much bigger than any that came before. It’s already taken me far beyond the boundaries of the Serengeti and the Great Migration. And it’s still a long way from being over!