Jaspa's Journey

About Me & the Ses

Who Am I?

My name is Jaspa and I’m a Ses. A Giraffeses, to be precise. Which means I’m very distantly related to giraffes.

When most people think of giraffes, words like tall or long or elegant or graceful spring into their minds. But I’m none of those things. Actually, a friend of mine once called me dumpy, although I think that was a bit mean.

Truthfully though, I admit I am quite short. And I don’t even have a giraffe’s trademark long neck or legs. In fact, I could comfortably sit in the palm of your hand.

Who Are The Ses?

If elves and the like actually existed (which they don’t, by the way), we Ses would be their animal equivalent. But there’s nothing cutesy or magical about us. We’re just small creatures, trying to get by in the world we share with you.

Where Do I Come From?

I was born on the Serengeti Plains, in the part of East Africa you humans call Tanzania. More specifically, I grew up at a place known as the Shifting Sands, in the southeast corner of the Serengeti, close to the Oldupai Gorge.

Where Do I Live Now?

Hummm! This is where things get a little complicated.

Without giving too much away, in the books I end up relocating to Edinburgh, Scotland. You can blame my Dogses friend, Gravee, for that. He comes from Edinburgh and really wanted his home town to feature in the novels about our adventures.

In reality, these days I actually live in a small village in southern Ontario, Canada, with Rich and his wife, Sue.