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It’s been a relatively quiet summer, but things are about to go crazy for me, with five big trips in the next 10 months!

Click the photo below to find out more about my ongoing adventures!





There are a lot of really great adventure travel websites out there. I’ve even been a featured writer on one of them.

But Jaspa’s Journey does Travel and Adventure like no one else. 

After all, how many other travel sites are also home to an Award-Winning Series of Travel Adventure Novels?

Plus, I have a unique perspective on the world. Not least because I’m only 3½ inches tall and could comfortably fit in the palm of your hand.






• Boston Bay, Jamaica – Home of Jerk Cooking
September 22, 2015 More >>


• The Edinburgh One O’clock Gun
September 15, 2015 More >>


• Chan Chan, Peru: The World’s Greatest Adobe City
September 11, 2015 More >>


• The Day I Met Justin Wilson
September 10, 2015 More >>


• Touching the Rays at Tropicana Field
September 9, 2015 More >>


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In Rich's Words

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In My Own Words

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In Photos

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